May 26, 2024

Our History

The sport of Sailing began in an organized way in the Dominican Republic in July 1968, at a meeting called by the then Commodore of the Santo Domingo Nautical Club, Dr. Oscar Bergés. This meeting aimed to organize this sport; It was an informal meeting that did not take minutes. Three people were chosen from among its assistants to undertake the task: Horacio Álvarez II, Alberto Verdeja and Escipión Oliveira, through the “Sailing Regatta Committee for the Development of Nautical Sports”.

They started the work with optimism and enthusiasm but when they faced reality they felt they were walking through a desert. There was no sport sailing or suitable boats to practice it. They set a goal: to do the first regatta for the month of September. They met with Mr. Miles Moynas, who was organizing the Young Men’s Christian Association, who helped them draw up and concretize the necessary guidelines to carry out the project.

The Ambassador of Uruguay at that time, Mr. Jorge Martínez Theddy was the President of the Jury and thus set sail the first regatta in the history of Dominican sailing. In that regatta, boats that are no longer manufactured such as the Sailfish and the Dolphin competed, one or another Sunfish rented to the Hotel Hamaca, yolks with sail and pedalboards turned into sailboats in a hurry, he tried to go around the Boca Chica bay, neatly marked with buoys. Half of the fleet stayed in the vicinity of the starting line, where one of the sailors, Mr. Mandel, blocked the way for Dr. Juan Santoni Mendoza, he angrily protested and a passionate discussion was ignited that was followed with interest. by several by various competitors who preferred to enjoy the show instead of sailing. The rest completed the tour; Dr. Alberto Verdeja was proclaimed the winner.

The virtue of this regatta was that it consolidated a group of athletes, more enthusiastic than skilled, who were in charge of developing the sport. Contact was made with Mr. Miles Davidson who suggested the Sunfish as the ideal boat for sporting purposes and also commented that he could take care of the importation of the boats through Empresas Dominicanas. Thus, thanks to Mr. Miles, the Sunfish boat officially entered for competition in our country.

The Twelve Central American and Caribbean Games gave a definitive boost to sailing, so the Sailing Regatta Committee for the Development of Nautical Sports took advantage of the situation and obligation to participate in these games and created the Dominican Federation of Yachting. , Inc., founded on February 17, 1971, with bylaws approved on March 31, 1986 and incorporated on June 19, 1986, through Executive Power Decree No. 498-86. In the Extraordinary Assembly of the 1st. May 2003, a statutory modification was made, where the name change was approved by Federación Dominicana de Vela, Inc.

The Dominican Sailing Federation carried out the last statutory reform in December 2009 by mandate of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

Our Old Logo

In 1974 it was competed and Jorge Abreu and Jose Gómez won a medal.

In 1986, the CAC Santiago competed in Boca Chica.

1996 World Sunfish held in Boca Chica.

2008 Optimist World Cup held in Boca Chica.